About Us


Who we are

AgileApeGaming is an indie game company based in Finland. It was formed by Märt Vesinurm and Kert Vesinurm in the year 2020. The company is dedicated to making games that try new things instead of sticking to stuff that works. Like most indie developers, we try to be as creative as possible.


Our History

The company was fairly recently formed, but our experience in the video game industry dates back more than three years. We have been practicing many different ways of creating media. Programming, drawing, composing, 3D-modeling and designing are all very difficult things to get a hang of. Throughout the years we’ve produced some amateur works that have differentiating mechanics, which allow us to learn something new.



Our Mission

Our mission is straightforward: to one day be able to create a quality experience, which ignites the same feeling we all have had as a kid. The pure excitement and joy of playing a game. Most games today try their best to look as realistic and graphically pleasant to the eyes, but forget the most important aspect: the gameplay. Indie games have proven over and over again that you can create a great experience with the most simplest of visuals. The pursuit of this mission will most likely take a long time, but the reward will be worth it.