TrineAxle puts a new twist on classic rhythm games and challenges even the most experienced gamers. Notes come from three different sides and from 6 different lanes; can you keep up?
The Ether Orb is a vertically scrolling space shooter with a short story and a final boss. Utilising minimalistic graphics this game takes you back to the past resembling old retro games.


How good are you at keeping your balance? A ball is trying to roll over the edge, but you have to stop it. The platform keeps getting smaller and smaller. How long can you keep it up?


Challenge your puzzle-solving skills by moving player arrows in 30 unique levels. Every player arrow moves in a different direction, which requires you to choose your moves carefully. Can you beat all the levels?

Swift Circles

Swift Circles puts your reflexes to the test by making you tap very quickly on different circles. Featuring 3 different mechanics and 20 levels to get you started, after which you can challenge yourself with levels 21-25.
CloneQube, previously Kurushi Customs, is a revisioned PC version of a game called “Kurushi” released for the PS1. Challenge your puzzle solving skills by either solving or creating different levels.